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I have more freedom in China!!!


In this video, I share my personal experiences and why I feel I have more freedom living in China. #lifeinchina #china #chineseculture #jamaicaninchina #expatinchina #shanghai #teachinginchina #hangzhouchina #bejing #blackinchina #cpc

How FREE are Chinese People? 中国到底有多自由?🇨🇳 Unseen China


How FREE are Chinese People? 中国到底有多自由?🇨🇳 Unseen China 🐉Bilibili 哔哩哔哩 - 🤍 🐉Toutiao 头条 - 🤍 🐉TikTok 抖音 - 🤍 🐉Weibo 微博 - 🤍 💎Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 🏆 Subscribe - 🤍 🧧 Become a Patron - 🤍 ☕ Buy us a coffee - 🤍 👕 Merch - 🤍 📷 Instagram - 🤍 📖 Facebook - 🤍 👍 Thanks for watching! See you in the next one! #unseenchina #livinginchina #chinesefreedom

What Rubbish is China Trying to Sell Now???


They are at it again and this time it's hilarious! My previous videos about Lianhua Qingwen: 🤍 🤍 Current Free China Patrons: *John Yau *LittleShepherd *H2O *Lightseeker *Couch Potato *Jerry Huang *Jay Liew *philip Jones *Richard Yeh *jlin3000 *Big Mackerel *Scott Barker Become a patron and get access to videos that don't make it onto YouTube: Patreon: 🤍 Don't like monthly subscriptions? No problem, you can send a one off donation to my Paypal or Buy Me a Coffee, here are the links: 🤍 🤍 Check out my other YouTube channel: 🤍 Thank you for your support!

China's World War 3 Plan


China is in a unique position as it's one of the few trade partners Russia has left, but China also has its sights set on expanding islands in the pacific. What chess match is China playing as it prepares for another World War and how does it plan on being the last country standing? Check out today's epic new video to find out. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW ► 🤍 🔖 MY SOCIAL PAGES TikTok ► 🤍 Discord ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 💭 Find more interesting stuff on: 🤍 📝 SOURCES:🤍 All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

Do you want Russia to be as free as China or North Korea?


1420 is one of a kind in Russia, you can support the channel at the following links: ✨ Patreon: 🤍 ✨ Paypal: 🤍 PayPal email: issafourteentwenty🤍 PayPal name: Daniil Orain ✨ Buy Me A Coffee: 🤍 Cryptocurrencies: 🪙 ETH: 0x1F7402dE513afDB5906a174eF22C7030D19651DF 🪙 BTC: bc1qvns4pkvcs6hzktpcnudvgz5sr06u7phwhej0cg ✉️ Business: hello🤍 🧢 1420 clothes and accessories: 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Moscow & Siberian village 0:12 - 1st person 0:33 - 2nd person 0:55 - 3rd person 1:40 - 4th person 2:35 - 2nd person (2) 3:47 - 5th person 4:27 - 6th person 5:45 - 7th person 6:37 - 2nd person (3) 8:01 - 3rd person (2) 8:51 - 6th person (2) 9:20 - 2nd person (4) 10:08 - 1420 by Daniil Orain

Samara - Free Shima (Official Music Video)


Music Video by Samara performing Free Shima. © 2022 Red Diamond Free Shima OUT NOW Available At: 🤍 Directed by: Red Art DOP/Coloring: Mortadha Knani Editing/VFX: RED ART Story : Salim Belhssan Mixed & Mastered: E.Sam's Production: Caesar Art Production Instagram: 🤍 Samara Connect. Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Digital Distribution: Red Diamond Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 For booking and business inquiries contact our digital manager via email: samara🤍

Second Passports with Visa-Free Access to China


🤍 China is a significant factor in a global economy. If you're an entrepreneur interested in China or want to visit this country when it reopens without a lengthy visa process, second citizenship is your solution. In this video, Andrew shares several second passports that you can get that offer visa-free access to China. 00:00 Start 1:33 San Marino passport 2:12 Bosnian passport 2:28 Armenian passport 2:55 Mauritius passport 3:36 Bahamian Passport 3:49 Belarusian passport 3:55 Ecuador passport 4:25 Grenadian passport 4:41 Serbian passport 4:48 Emirati passport 5:01 Bruneian passport - Japanese passport - Singapore passport Andrew Henderson and the Nomad Capitalist team are the world's most sought-after experts on legal offshore tax strategies, investment immigration, and global citizenship. We work exclusively with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to "go where they're treated best". Work with Andrew: 🤍 Andrew has started offshore companies, opened dozens of offshore bank accounts, obtained multiple second passports, and purchased real estate on four continents. He has spent the last 12 years studying and personally implementing the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle. Our growing team of researchers, strategies, and implementers add to our ever-growing knowledge base of the best options available. In addition, we've spent years studying the behavior of hundreds of clients in order to help people get the results they want faster and with less effort. About Andrew: 🤍 Our Website: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Buy Andrew's Book: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: The information in this video should not be considered tax, financial, investment, or any kind of professional advice. Only a professional diagnosis of your specific situation can determine which strategies are appropriate for your needs. Nomad Capitalist can and does not provide advice unless/until engaged by you.

China's Last Little Train | Free Documentary


China's Last Little Train | Free Documentary World’s Most Extreme Railway: 🤍 Sichuan. Southwest China. It's a mountainous region best known for pandas and earthquakes. There are no roads in the rugged Jiayang Valley. No cars. No trucks. No buses. But there is ... a train. Little Train tells the story of the last working narrow gauge steam railway in China. Built seventy years ago to haul coal out of the valley, the 19 km line has evolved to be the main source of transport in the valley carrying children to school, workers to their jobs, and pigs to market, all fighting for space in the train's small, unglazed carriages. But now the railway is at a crucial point. The mine has shut down and the villagers are actively fighting to keep the line - and its aging steam locomotives - running. Already the villagers have to make replacement parts by hand. When the boiler goes they face catastrophe. Too large to fabricate themselves, they search far and wide for a company to make a new boiler for them. But even if they can find a new boiler, how can they get it to Jiayang Valley? At a time when attention is focused on China's great leaps in technology, on its maglev and bullet trains, the Last Little Train takes viewers on a journey to the quiet backwaters that are still home to half of China’s population. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe Free Documentary Channel for free: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #FreeDocumentary #Documentary #Train ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Free Documentary is dedicated to bringing high-class documentaries to you on YouTube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer. Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

The Free China Journal Incident: Before Taiwan was a Democracy


Today Taiwan is a democracy with many freedoms for its people. But it was not always like that. In this first video of a series I want to look at what it was like before Taiwan transitioned - back when times were not as nice as they are now. This video looks at one of the first attempts to break the KMT party-state. Read the blog post here: 🤍

Free China Mac 🔓5/17/23


China is the REAL land of the FREE?!?


Years of living in China have shown me that life in China is actually significantly more free and relaxed than in other Western countries that I've lived in and visited. However this freedom does come at a huge cost! Nightclub scenes kindly provided by Kodak from IRG: 🤍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Join me on Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍serpentza Instagram: serpent_za My other channel: 🤍 Music used: Virtual Vice - E. Calderone Artist's bandcamp: 🤍

China Wild | Episode 3: The Grasslands | Free Documentary Nature


China Wild - Episode 3: The Grasslands | Wildlife Documentary Watch 'China Wild - Episode 4' here: 🤍 China: a country with the world’s most diverse ecosystems, teeming with an incredible array of wildlife. This landmark series showcases the country’s five largest habitats, from its ancient forests to the Tibetan grasslands, from the Yangtze’s wetlands to China's megacities and surrounding oceans. The series reveals never-before-seen behaviours, rare animals, and conservation in action, in extraordinary environments. In the forests, we join the territorial battles of rival Francois' leaf monkey clans, and discover new efforts to save the endangered Manchurian tigers and Amur leopards. We follow Tibetan foxes hunting pikas on the alpine grasslands, and the breeding season of the world's smallest crane, the Demoiselle. In the wetlands, we learn about the re-introduction of the Yangtze finless porpoise, and witness the mating rituals of the world's oldest marine creature - the Chinese horeshoe crab - with a history of over 300 million years. In the cities, we join north-eastern Chinese hedgehogs eking out a living in Beijing, and playful macaques feasting at Chinese New Year in the plateau city of Guiyang. In the oceans, we discover a recent proliferation of flame jellyfish, and follow the latest attempts to restore the northern edge of the coral triangle in the South China Sea, one of the world's richest underwater habitats. This is the wild side of China, as you've never seen it before! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe Free Documentary - Nature Channel for free: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #FreeDocumentaryNature #Documentary #ChinaWild ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Free Documentary is dedicated to bring high-class documentaries to you on youtube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer. Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

Free Ice Cream Causes RACIST CHAOS in China! - Episode #157


Xenophobia and racism flare because BMW tries to give away ice cream at the Shanghai Auto show. Chinese police stations in the USA proven. China and Russia cooperate, and so much more! Support the show here and see the Monday Exclusive show Xiaban Hou! - 🤍 Conquering China Box Set - 🤍 Laowhy86 - Dumb stuff China banned in 2023 - 🤍 SerpentZA - Chinese EVs are Exploding - 🤍 China Fact Chasers - Please subscribe! 🤍 Support the show here and see the Monday Exclusive show Xiaban Hou! - 🤍 Support us and the channel on Paypal! 🤍 Our personal Patreon accounts SerpentZA: 🤍 C-Milk: 🤍 ADVChina Subreddit - 🤍 Tune in, hop on, and stay awesome! 🤍 Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann - I Remember U 🤍 Track : Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann - I Remember U

US Navy video shows close encounter with Chinese warship


In a video released by the US Navy, the USS Chung-Hoon observes a Chinese navy ship conduct what is described as an 'unsafe' manoeuvre in the Taiwan Strait on 3 June. Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► 🤍 The Chinese navy ship moves across the path of the American destroyer, forcing the US ship to slow to avoid a collision, the US Indo-Pacific Command said in a statement. The incident occurred as the US destroyer and Canadian frigate HMCS Montreal were conducting a 'freedom of navigation' transit of the strait between Taiwan and mainland China. China's military rebuked the US and Canada for 'deliberately provoking risk'. The Guardian publishes independent journalism, made possible by supporters. Contribute to The Guardian today ► 🤍 Sign up to the Guardian's free new daily newsletter, First Edition ► 🤍 Website ► 🤍 Facebook ►🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 The Guardian on YouTube: The Guardian ► 🤍 Guardian Australia ► 🤍 Guardian Football ► 🤍 Guardian Sport ► 🤍 Guardian Live ► 🤍 #Taiwan #China #US #Navy #Warship #News



Fortnite China - Free Wins, Free VBucks and MORE! ► ALL my Fortnite: Battle Royale videos - 🤍 Hit 👍 LIKE and ✅ Subscribe - Thank you! Hey there - I'm Ali-A! Thanks for watching one of my videos! :) I make daily gaming videos and have a load of fun doing it. Make sure you're checking out more of my videos and "SUBSCRIBE" to be notified every time I upload. Thanks - Enjoy the video! :D #UseCodeAliA ➖ Follow me! ➖ 📘 Facebook - 🤍 🐥 Twitter - 🤍 📸 Instagram - 🤍 👾 Join the Ali-A Discord - 🤍 👕 Ali-A Merch - 🤍 ➖ The equipment I use! ➖ 🎧 The headset I use - 🤍 📷 How I record my gameplay - 🤍 🕹 Improve your aim (10% off) - 🤍 🎮 My controller - 🤍 (Use "ALIA" for discount) 🐯 My Gaming gear - 🤍 (Code "ALIA" for 10% off) 💰 Cheapest games - 🤍 ➖ Intro Music (Listen/Download here) ➖ 🎵 🤍 🎶 🤍 Subscribe for more videos! - Ali-A - Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

China's BMW Free Ice-cream Madness Continues!


The free ice-cream saga continues. This time a popular Chinese vlogger handed out free ice-cream and caused some new problems! Watch the full show here: 🤍 Support the show here - 🤍 Support us and the channel on Paypal! 🤍 Our personal Patreon accounts SerpentZA: 🤍 C-Milk: 🤍 ADVChina Subreddit - 🤍 Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation. Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions. Tune in, hop on, and stay awesome! 🤍 Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann - I Remember U 🤍 Track : Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann - I Remember U



In this video, I showed up in a Chinese village and got some free food from this couple after speaking the Chinese language with them, had great interactions till a point the invite me to their hometown. This is how Chinese react react when they see black people? Enjoy . . Help me hit 100K Subscribers here👇 🤍 Want to buy me a coffee or support my journey ?👇 🤍 PayPal: nanaadiepena77🤍 Cashapp; $salvationisHe Wechat/Alipay : 🤍 Filmed & edited by 👇 Felthommy (🤍 ) other videos you may like👇 10 HOURS OF WALKING IN CHINA AS A BLACK MAN, HOW CHINESE REACT TO BLACK PEOPLE?👇 🤍 BLACK MAN SHOWS UP IN CHINESE VILLAGE AND THIS HAPPENS, THEY WANT ME TO MARRY A CHINESE!!👇 🤍 BLACK MAN SHOWS UP IN CHINESE TRADITIONAL AREA & THIS HAPPENED 👇 🤍 HOW CHINESE REACT WHEN THEY SEE A BLACK PERSON👇 🤍 WHAT CHINESE THINK OF BLACK PEOPLE?😳 HARD TRUTH!!👇 🤍 Chinese reacts to Africa they don't see on TV || SHANGHAI VLOG👇 🤍 BLACK GUY SPEAKING CHINESE FOR 24 HOURS, MADE NEW "girlfriends"👇 🤍 BLACK SINGING IN PUBLIC IN CHINA👇 🤍 my socials Instagram ; felthommy Facebook ; felthommy Twitter ; felthommy Tik tok ; felthommyy Checkout my business page Instagram : 🤍eshhh_music #livinginchina #chinese #blackinchina #chinesefood #chineserestaurant #china

It's official: China's not communist and US is becoming authoritarian


POLITICAL SCIENTISTS SAY China is no longer a communist state, but one that runs on a party-state capitalist system—and at the same time, the US is moving towards authoritarianism, particularly in regards to anti-capitalist behaviour internationally. . First China: China is not a communist state, says a new study from Cambridge University Press. The country runs a freemarket capitalist system, albeit one that is more tightly moderated than some elsewhere. “The State and Capitalism in China” is a new book that features the work of Margaret M. Pearson of the University of Maryland, Meg Rithmire of Harvard Business School, and Kellee S. Tsai of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. . The Chinese governance system is best described as party-state capitalism, in which the leadership steers the economy not towards communism, but towards economic health, the study says. . But while capitalist in practice, the government opposes profiteering by tech and education firms, and re-channels over-large profits to social programs, through a system called Common Prosperity. These funds are also channelled to fund renewable energy and other pro-environment programs. . The work of these scholars is worth reading, especially if you are into economics. . . . NOW THE U.S. A deep strain of authoritarianism has emerged powerfully in the United States in recent years, says Matthew C. Macwilliams. He is an academic at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and author of a book called On Fascism: 12 Lessons from American History. . Steve Corbin, a professor at the University of Northern Iowa, notes a similar trend: “Never in my wildest dreams did I think America would be on the verge of changing from a democracy to authoritarian rule,” he says. “But overwhelming evidence abounds” that traits are changing among voters and at party level. . And then there’s Grant Tudor, lead author of a paper called “Advantaging Authoritarianism”, which warns of “the escalating extremism and success of America’s authoritarian faction”. . Many studies in this area focus on the loss of democratic and freemarket principles in internal politics, but I’m going to look at examples of outwardly focused anti-capitalist behaviour. . . 1. BASED ON COMPETITION Capitalism is based on the principle that honest competition creates the best products at the best prices. . Consider Huawei. This company’s products were so good it became the global king of 5G telecommunications, and overtook both Apple and Samsung to become the world’s top seller of smartphones. Britain’s spy chiefs and many other bodies confirmed that Huawei telecoms products were free of spyware. . But the US banned it and pressured others to do the same. That was a knife in the guts of capitalism. . . 2. RULE OF LAW Capitalism depends on the rule of the law. . But to take just one example, the US invented rules that said all goods in Xinjiang, China, were legally assumed to have been produced by slave labor unless declared otherwise: by US Commerce Department officials. . Guilty until proven innocent—by your business rival, who of course has no interest in proving your innocence. Hard to see this as anything but another attack on the foundations of capitalism. . . 3. SECONDARY SANCTIONS This war against freemarket trade turned dirtier still when the US unilaterally pressurized people around the world to stop selling high end computer chips and chip-making machines to China. . It claimed that the military was using them, but US tech experts said the PLA used only a fraction of one per cent of the chips. . . MANY EXAMPLES Economists have a long list of examples. We could mention how China’s DJI singlehandedly created the modern drone industry – and has been legislated against by the United States. . Or how Tiktok transformed the way the world watches videos—and its reward is that the US is trying to kill it. . Now US politicians and media have now set their sights on Shein and Temu – these are firms which have committed the crime of being successful while having Chinese origins. . America is, in effect, fighting a war against international capitalism. . So-called watchdog groups, like the World Trade Organization, and the media, are looking the other way. . . ULTIMATE RESULT But what will be the result of all this? . I believe the truth will eventually come out. And it’s this. Both the US and China are moving towards having mixed policies in regards to economics and governance: neither is communist, neither is wholly democratic, neither is purely capitalist, neither is purely authoritarian. Neither is all bad or all good. . They’re just different...

How the Hell can China Ship for Free to your Door??!?


Protect yourself online with Guardio - 🤍 Seriously? Why does it cost more to send a postcard to my neighbor than it does for a Company in China to send a package 10,000 miles across the world??? Join me for the China Show, a weekly dive into what's happening in China: 🤍 Support Sasha and I on Patreon: 🤍 Bitcoin - bc1qxfjp2t6x5dpslv59u0jl89m6k643hcn8h2jsvp Ethereum - 0x6Da150a2A8529110017Ed4db68B3dF0084900280 Paypal: 🤍 DOCUMENTARY LINKS: Conquering China Boxset SPECIAL: 🤍 Conquering Southern China: 🤍 Conquering Northern China: 🤍 Stay Awesome China (my new documentary): 🤍 For Motorcycle adventures around the world, and a talk-show on two wheels go to ADVChina every Monday 1pm EST 🤍 For a realistic perspective on China and world travel from an American father and a Chinese mother with two half-Chinese daughters go to Laowhy86 every Wednesday 1pm EST 🤍 For a no-nonsense on the street look at Chinese culture and beyond from China's original YouTuber, join SerpentZA on Friday at 1pm EST 🤍 Join me on Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍serpentza Instagram: serpent_za

Best VPNs for China (Free and Paid): 100% Still Working 🔥


Get the Best VPNs for China that 100% work! #1 ✅ ExpressVPN 👉 🤍 ➜Save up to 49% Off and Get Extra 3 Months FREE ➜Try it Risk-Free Today with their 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee #2 ✅ NordVPN 👉 🤍 ➜SAVE up to 60% + 1 Month FREE + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee #3 ✅ ProtonVPN 👉 🤍 Transcript for Best VPNs for China (Free and Paid): 100% Still Working Hi guys! Today I'm gonna share with you the top 3 Best VPNs that you can use for China. We all know China has a heavy censorship restriction so that’s where a VPN comes in handy. Whether it’s for streaming, torrenting, gaming, browsing or accessing social media, you can check out the three options - free and paid - we have below. Remember to check the video description in the link below to get access to exclusive offers and discounts! So the premium options are Express and NordVPN. The free VPN option would be ProtonVPN. I'll talk about what I think works best and why. So let's get straight into it. Note that we’re not recommending using a free VPN in China. This is due to the limited functionalities of these free VPNs. If you're tryin g to get access to the free Internet within China, it’s best to use a good premium VPN . ProtonVPN has unlimited bandwidth, so you can use it as much as you'd like. Though you’d have to be patient with very limited speeds and congested servers in only three locations. It’s worth trying in China, but again, you're probably going to have some issues. If you're looking for premium options that work very well, I would straight up tell you to get ExpressVPN. It is definitely the best option for you from China.It’s easy to use. They have a large number of server and country locations that you can choose from. It can easily bypass and tear through the great firewall of China like it's nothing. You will also get access to the Internet with ExpressVPN as if you're not even in China. Whether you're an expat there, a citizen in China or you're just going there for a visit, ExpressVPN is going to be your best option. If you're looking for the next best option, that would be NordVPN. At the moment though, they are experiencing some connectivity issues in certain regions in China. Some of their servers and configurations for manual connections and applications were recently blocked. Their developers are already working on a fix. NordVPN is cheaper than ExpressVPN so once their connectivity issues are resolved and you prefer a cheaper VPN, NordVPN is for you. If you opt to use NordVPN, what you can do is use the office gated servers right here. One more thing, keep monitoring their announcement as well on their website for updates on this issue. download one of these options right here so that you can have a better chance of connecting from within China. And you're most likely going to be using the office gated servers. So. Overall, my number one pick for China is definitely ExpressVPN. Again, remember to check the link on the video description below for discounts! ExpressVPN is so easy to use and set up. You just have to download their app, turn it on, and you're good to go. I would recommend that you keep the protocol option on automatic and you want to keep the kill switch on. The kill switch is a necessary security tool that kills your Internet connection if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly. This will certainly help you if you're in a censorship heavy country, and it will make sure that you're only going to be connected to the Internet while you're secured by the VPN in order to prevent any accidental IP leaks. Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN are covered with a 30 day money back guarantee, so in case you're not satisfied with any of them, you can easily cancel and request for a refund. No questions asked. Hope this has been helpful. Thanks for watching Best VPNs for China (Free and Paid): 100% Still Working 00:00 Introduction 00:19 Get the Best VPN Deals 00:36 Should You Use a Free VPN 1:05 Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN in China

Getting FREE Drinks in China?!?😂🤯 #Shorts


👺About Me My name is Jake, you might know me as jakenbakeLIVE - and I am a live streamer on I am primarily known for my outdoor travel and exploration content - primarily in Japan. 🔴 Follow Jake'n'Bake ►STREAM - 🤍 ►TWITTER - 🤍 ►INSTAGRAM - 🤍 ►DISCORD - 🤍 ►TIKTOK - 🤍 Edited By: 🤍 #JakenBakeLIVE #Singapore #Shorts

Top University in China! Free Education & High Salaries For All? | 免費讀書再賺百萬年薪!! 中國西北最強大學畢業工資有多少?


參加最有效的網上語言課程 Lingoda/Sign up For Lingoda: 🤍 Promo code: TORRESAPRIL (20 euro) 還可獲全數學費退還 = 我的社交媒體/市場營銷課程:🤍 My Bilibili: 🤍 My IG: 🤍 I started a media company to help content creators & companies build their channels from ZERO to ONE! If you have experience in making content/graphics/manging projects: send us an email career🤍

Free meals for street cleaners in China


Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: 🤍 More than 60,000 street cleaners in southern China’s Shenzhen can enjoy a free meal once every week, thanks to a community programme called WeChat Love Meals. The project is a joint initiative by the local government, a community group, and tech giant Tencent. It aims to serve 600,000 meals by the end of 2021. Support us: 🤍 Follow us on: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 #scmp #China

5 Best VPNs For China (STILL WORKING in 2023) – 2 Are FREE


5 Best VPNs for China (STILL WORKING in 2023) – 2 Are FREE. Here are the best VPNs for China. These are also ideal for privacy, speed, streaming, torrenting & online security. 1️⃣ 👉 Get ExpressVPN ➜ 🤍 💥SAVE 49% off + 3 months FREE + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee💥 2️⃣ 👉 Get NordVPN ➜ 🤍 💥EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL DISCOUNT + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee💥 3️⃣ 👉 Get Surfshark ➜ 🤍 💥SAVE 82% + 2 months FREE + 30 Day Money Back Guarantee💥 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Need more IN-DEPTH info? ► ExpressVPN Review (In-depth) ➜ 🤍 ► NordVPN Review (In-depth) ➜ 🤍 ► Surfshark Review (In-depth) ➜ 🤍 👉 Watch this TOP 3 VPNs Review ➜ 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 5 Best VPNs for China (STILL WORKING in 2023) – 2 Are FREE. Here are the best VPNs for China. These are also ideal for privacy, speed, streaming, torrenting & online security. How's it going, everybody? Welcome back. Today I'm gonna share with you guys five VPN options that you can use for China. Now, here's the thing, I have two free options. And I have three premium options. So the three premium options are Express Nord and searcher. And the two free options are going to be proton VPN and windscribe. I'll talk about what I prefer and what I think works best. So let's get straight into it. Now, first of all, proton VPN and wind scribe are two of the best free VPN that you can get. However, with regards to functionality in China, they are subpar at best. Again, using a free vpn in China is not a good idea. If you're trying to get access to well, the free internet within China, you're going to need to use a good premium VPN. And while both of these VPNs are great, you know, proton VPN has unlimited bandwidth. So you can use it as much as you'd like, obviously, with very limited speeds and congested servers, and only three locations when scribe also, I believe only has about a few locations, maybe three locations, but they will limit you to 10 gigabytes a month now there was trying in China. But there's one thing that you want to note about Nord VPN is that according to them, as you can tell here, unfortunately, we're currently experiencing some issues with connectivity in the region of China as our servers configurations for manual connections and applications were recently blocked. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible. And we apologize for the inconvenience. Now, again, what you want to do with a Nord VPN is that sometimes, obviously, Nord VPN, they do have these problems. Though one thing I would recommend is that you just keep the protocol option on automatic and you want to keep the kill switch on and the kill switch of course, which is available in all the VPN that I mentioned today, including wind scribe and proton VPN to kill switch is a necessary security tool that kills your internet connection if the VPN disconnects unexpectedly, and this will certainly help you if you're any censorship heavy country, and we'll make sure that you're only going to be connected to the internet while you're secured by the VPN in order to do prevent any accidental or rare IP leaks. So that is pretty much it for this video though, if you guys are interested in learning more about these VPN with regards to the privacy policy speed streaming and torrenting capabilities, as well as security features, you'll find the full reviews down below and links to pricing discounts if you'd like to jump straight to that they're all covered by 30 day money back guarantee. So in case you're not satisfied with any of them, you can just get yourself a refund very easily. Besides that come below if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer all of them like and subscribe if you'd like to support the channel and stay up to date with everything VPNs and cybersecurity. Thank you guys very much for watching. I'll see you in the next one. Have a wonderful day. - DISCLOSURE - I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any VPN provider. This means I might make money when you purchase paid services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. Not being sponsored allows me to keep my own opinions and provide reviews and tutorials without bias. So, if you enjoyed the content consider using my affiliate links. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own! Hope you enjoyed my 5 Best VPNs For China (STILL WORKING in 2023) – 2 Are FREE Video. #BestVPNsForChina #VPNsForChina #BestVPNsChina

Why China Will Never Allow a Free Tibet | China Uncensored


Controlling Tibet is absolutely vital to China's national interest. Here's why... This video is the third and final segment from China Uncensored's new half-hour show format. For the full episode, visit 🤍 Contribute! Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army! 🤍 Subscribe for more episodes! 🤍 Make sure to share with your friends! Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Nhạc phim "free china": Dũng khí niềm tin [Pháp Luân Công]


"Trung Quốc tự do - Dũng khí niềm tin" Free China-The Courage to Believe là bộ phim tài liệu ra mắt năm 2012. Bộ phim nói về những hành động vi phạm nhân quyền đang diễn ra tại Trung Quốc. Từ việc cưỡng ép phá thai thậm chí cho đến việc mổ cắp tạng sống. Thông qua một ví dụ điển hình là cô Jennifer Zeng-một người mẹ, cựu đảng viên ĐCSTQ và người chồng của cô tiến sĩ Charles Lee-một thương gia người Mỹ gốc Trung Quốc cùng hàng trăm ngàn học viên Pháp Luân Công (Falun Gong ☛ 🤍 bị giam cầm tại các trại lao động cưỡng bức, các trung tâm tẩy não vì niềm tin Chân-Thiện-Nhẫn (Zhen Shan Ren) của mình. Bộ phim cũng làm hiện rõ sự trở lại thần kỳ của văn hóa-truyền thống Trung Hoa vốn mang lại một đất nước Trung Quốc mới. Hiệp hội các bác sĩ chống mổ cắp nội tạng(DAFOH):☛ 🤍 Nhạc Phim:☛ 🤍 Thông tin bộ phim:☛ 🤍 Lời Việt Từ hơi thở đầu đời của mỗi người Đã nghe tiếng gọi của tự do Bóng tối nằm im rình rập Dối trá biến sợ hãi thành thù hận Hãy lặng im, hãy cảm nhận nỗi đau Nước mắt rơi trong biển lửa Nằm thao thức trong đêm Chúng con đang sống kiếp nô lệ * tin rằng mình sẽ tự do Chúng con cầm cự và chờ đợi Mẹ ơi, trong tủi nhục.. Mẹ nghe tiếng chúng con Hãy đến và đứng lên giành lại Chân lý Giành lại hy vọng Chúng con sẽ bảo vệ Sẽ vượt qua cho đến phút cuối cùng Hãy bước ra ánh sáng Giờ là lúc chúng ta đoàn kết Cùng cất cao lời nguyện cầu Chúng ta đã biết con đường phải đi * tin rằng mình sẽ tự do Chúng con cầm cự và chờ đợi Mẹ ơi, trong tủi nhục.. Mẹ nghe tiếng chúng con Hãy đến và đứng lên giành lại Chân lý Giành lại hy vọng Chúng con sẽ bảo vệ Sẽ vượt qua cho đến phút cuối cùng Hãy đến và đứng lên giành lại Chân lý Giành lại hy vọng Chúng con sẽ bảo vệ Sẽ vượt qua cho đến phút cuối cùng.

Free China Theme Song Music Video (Official Re-Release)


"The Courage to Believe" Theme Song from the Award-winning Documentary Film: "Free China: The Courage to Believe" Download the song here: 🤍 Watch the film here: 🤍 THE COURAGE TO BELIEVE (2014 Oscar Contender for Best Original Song) Music by Tony Chen Lyrics by Kean Wong & Michael Perlman Produced by Kean Wong, Tony Chen & Michael Perlman Executive Producer: Kean Wong Engineered & Mixed by Kevin Dippold & Tony Chen Mastered by Paul DuGre Additional Mixing by Tyler W. Thurmond & Olli Törmä Additional Recording by Dave “Rainman” Banta of LYRICS Verse A Come from our...first breath 第一次呼吸 Freedom calls...your name 自由呼喚你 Darkness wait 黑暗恐懼中 Lies turn fear to hate 謊言與恨來襲 Verse B Silent, feel...the pain 誰心冷傷透 Tear drops in...the flame 誰焰中淚流 Sleepless through...the night 無眠的長夜 We slave....away 誰仍被鎖扣 Pre-Chorus With Courage to free 拿出勇氣相信自由 We will hold on...and see 只要堅定不棄守 Mother, your shame...hear us 聽見母親淚流 CHORUS Come...stand for Truth 讓真善之光 For Hope...Reclaimed 帶回 希望 Till the end...we defend 讓內心 守護 Transcend 自由 VERSE C Step in to...the light 曙光中走來 It's time we now...unite 我們與你同在 Voices rise...we pray 祈禱傳天外 We know...the way 守得雲開 Pre-Chorus With Courage to free 拿出勇氣相信自由 We will hold on...and see 只要堅定不棄守 Mother, your shame...hear us 母親不再淚流 CHORUS Come...stand for Truth 讓真善之光 For Hope ...Reclaimed 带回 希望 Till the end...we defend 让内心 守护 Transcend 自由 CHORUS Come...stand for Truth 讓真善之光 For Hope...Reclaimed 带回 希望 Till the end...we defend 让内心 永遠 Transcend 自由

特别推荐【Free China | The Freedom to Believe】Director, Michael Perlman & Producer, Kean Wong


纪录片【自由中国】。You are watching the award-winning, Oscar Contender 'Free China: The Freedom to Believe' Documentary.

[TWICE] KPOP IN PUBLIC - ‘SET ME FREE’ | Dance Cover in Shanghai, China


#TWICE #READYTOBE #SETMEFREE #kpopinpublic #randomplaydance #dancecover

🇯🇵 JPN vs. 🇨🇳 CHN - Highlights Week 1 | Women's VNL 2023


🔴 Volleyball Nations League LIVE on Volleyball TV: 🤍 Watch the women's highlights between Japan and China from (matchday) of the Volleyball Nations League 2023 in (location) (Japan)! #VNL2023 #Volleyball 🏐 More highlights from the Women's VNL: 🤍 📅 Full schedule + results: 🤍 🔔 Subscribe NOW!: 🤍 LOVE BEACH VOLLEYBALL? ▶▶ Check out 🤍 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA 📱 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 More info: 🤍

Voice of Free China on Communist Invasion of Kinmen and Matsu Islands


[NOTE] Audio may get scratchy at times. Voice of Free China shortwave radio broadcast commemorating the failed communist invasion of the Nationalist-held islands of Kinmen during August of 1958. It is regarded as a turning point of the Chinese Civil War and basis for continual defense of Taiwan from further PRC aggression. Credits Audio 🤍 (Voice of Free China interval signal 1975 recording) 🤍 (clip taken from longer Voice of Free China broadcast dated August 19, 1989) Images various public domain materials, newsreels (Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, Chinese Civil War, Defense of Quemoy) 🤍 🤍 (Quemoy and Matsu Crisis)

Russia, China and Iran - a New Axis? - Kings and Generals DOCUMENTARY


Play Conflict of Nations for FREE on PC, iOS or Android: 💥 🤍 💥 Receive a Unique Starter Pack, available only for the next 30 days! Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Modern Affairs continues with a video on Russia, China and Iran, as we discuss their ties, interests and contradictions and try to deduce if Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Ali Khamenei can form a stable alliance - a new axis or support each other temporarily. Previously we have made videos on the 15 Events that Defined the War in Ukraine (🤍 and on the possible vectors of the upcoming Ukrainian counter-attack (🤍 and on why we consider the war in Ukraine to be Unprovoked 🤍 War in Ukraine - 🤍 Pacific War Series: 🤍 Cold War channel: 🤍 Modern Warfare series: 🤍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 or Paypal: 🤍 or by joining the youtube membership: 🤍 Script: Turgut Gambar Video: Asterman Digital Production Company Narration: OffyD ✔ Merch store ► 🤍 ✔ Patreon ► 🤍 ✔ Podcast ► 🤍 ✔ PayPal ► 🤍 ✔ Twitter ► 🤍 Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: 🤍 #Documentary #Kingsandgenerals #Ukraine

No visa free for China !!! Freedom Zhanargul Zhumatai !!!


🇰🇿 АТАЖҰРТҚА ҚОШ КЕЛДІҢІЗДЕР ❗❗❗ = БІЗДІҢ МЕКЕН-ЖАЙЫМЫЗ: АЛМАТЫ қаласы, ЖІБЕК ЖОЛЫ КӨШЕСІ 50 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ЖІБЕК ЖОЛЫ мен ЗЕНКОВА КӨШЕСІНІҢ ҚИЛЫСЫНДА ОРНАЛАСҚАН, “КВАРТАЛ” бизнес орталығы 5 қабат, 532 бөлме. 2ГИС сілтемесі 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Квартал Проспект Жибек Жолы, 50, 9 этаж, Алматы 🤍 Атажұрт партиясына мүше болуға өтініш беру үшін осы сілтемені басыңыз . 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 БІЗДІҢ САЙЫТЫМЫЗ 🌐 -🤍 Серікжан Біләшұлы бұдан былай Нағыз Атажұрттың 4 каналында кезек кезегімен ТІКЕЛЕЙ ЭФИРГДЕ ЛЕКЦИЯ сөйлейді. ТӨРТ YOUTUBE КАНАЛЫМЫЗҒА ТІРКЕЛІП ЖАЗЫЛЫП АЛЫҢЫЗДАР 🔔 СІЛТЕМЕЛЕРІ ТӨМЕНДЕ 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 📌- 🤍 ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 ATAJURT KAZAKH HUMAN RIGHTS-USA-АҚШ YouTube арнасы —————————————————— 📌 -🤍 ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 ATAJURT KAZAKH HUMAN RIGHTS (Serikzhan Bilash) YouTube арнасы ————————————–————— 📌 -🤍 ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 NAGYZ ATAJURT KAZAKH HUMAN RIGHTS YouTube арнасы —————————————————— 📌 -🤍 ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 ATAJURT KAZAKH HUMAN RIGHTS-QAZAQ = 👇 ТӨМЕНДЕГІ ӘЛЕУМЕТТІК ЖЕЛІ АРҚЫЛЫ БІЗДІ ТАБА АЛАСЫЗДАР 💎 Facebook НАҒЫЗ АТАЖҰРТ ЕРІКТІЛЕРІНІҢ Facebook Парақшасы 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 ATAJURT KAZAKH HUMAN RIGHTS SERIKZHAN BILASH 🤍 ————————————————————— Серікжан БІЛӘШҰЛЫ парақшасы 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 Serikzhan Bilash Facebook парақшасы 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 ~~~~~~ Бекзат МАҚСҰТХАНҰЛЫ 🤍 💎 Twitter - 🤍 💎 Instagram -🤍 🤍 💎 Telegramканалы 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 📢 ATAJURT МОБИЛЬДІ ҚОСЫМШАСЫН GOOGLE PLAY ДЕН ЖҮКТЕП АЛЫҢЫЗ: 📲 - 🤍 * ATAJURТ PARTIASY * ☎️ АТАЖҰРТ ПАРТИЯСЫНЫҢ БАЙЛАНЫС ТЕЛЕФОНДАРЫ: •🇺🇸 СЕРІКЖАН📱 QAZAQYA🤍GMAIL.COM Электронды почта. АҚШ • БЕКЗАТ 📱8 707 604 73 96 • АЛМАТЫ • ТІЛЕК 📱8 702 639 88 82 • АЛМАТЫ • ҒАЛЫМ 📱 8 701 899 05 57 • АЛМАТЫ • СЕЙІТ 📱8 747 141 23 26 • ҰЗЫНАҒАШ • НӘЗИГҮЛ 📱8 707 200 80 83 • АСТАНА • КАРИМА 📱 8 777 082 24 92 • АЛМАТЫ • ГҮЛЖАН 📱 8 707 280 58 78 • АЛМАТЫ • ҚАПАР 📱8 701 382 01 90 • АСТАНА • ҚАЛМҰРАТ 📱8 707 942 62 31 • Т-ҚОРҒАН • ЕРЛАН 📱 8 776 274 66 82 • ШЫМКЕНТ • ОРАЛБЕК 📱 8 700 564 62 22 • АЛМАТЫ • НҰРБЕК 📱 8 702 669 54 93 • АСТАНА • ЕРМЕК 📱 8 778 738 63 55 • ӨСКЕМЕН • АХАТ 📱 8 702 335 7417 • АСТАНА 🔻 АТАЖҰРТ ЕСЕП ШОТ🔻: 💳 KASPI GOLD 4400 4301 9927 8612 4️⃣4️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 4️⃣3️⃣0️⃣1️⃣ 9️⃣9️⃣2️⃣7️⃣ 8️⃣6️⃣1️⃣2️⃣ 📞Tel: 8 707 863 52 23 🗣 Басқада сұрақтар Тілекке 8 702 639 88 82 хабарласыңыздар немесе жоғарыдағы нөмірлердің кез келгендеріне хабарласыңыздар!!! * For foreign media: Mobile/WhatsAppф Telegram. :+7707 604 73 96 Email📧📮📭 :HumanRightsOfKazakhs🤍 #SERIKZHANBILASH #ATAJURTPARTIASY

Future, Juice WRLD - Fine China (Audio)


Official audio for “Fine China” by Future Listen to Future: 🤍 Subscribe to the official Future YouTube Channel: 🤍 Watch Future’s music videos: 🤍 Follow Future: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Lyrics: Shorty like a thousand dollar plate, fine china Tell her that she beautiful every day, I remind her Then I jump in her pussy like a lake, I'm a diver And her last man was a pussy, had a vagina I get lost in her eyes, like dust from the skies It's her body or nobody, I refuse to compromise So if she leaves, I'ma kill her, oh, she'll die Did I say that out loud? I'm so crazy about mine #Future #FineChina #WRLDONDRUGS

Only the Chinese can free China from the CCP


Claiming that China has increased its investment in BRI, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi is now pleading before the world not to dump BRI. Watch for the full details! Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Facebook: 🤍

100% Free VPN 2023 China (No login / No Subscriptions ) Life time free


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Transit visa china EXPLAINED properly! 24, 72 and 144 hour visa free | Air china, Shanghai airport


On a recent trip to Europe I flew Air China with a 20 hour layover at Shanghai airport so I decided to try the whole transit visa thing to see how easy it is. (ill link my air china flight and transit hotels at the end) I have seen a lot of people say they had a terrible experience, so I was prepared for the worst and did A LOT of extra research. I have now done this transit visa twice and both times it was seamless! In this video I will cover how to visit china without a visa, information on how to get a Chinese visa free transit and to visit china without a visa. There are three china visa - 144-hour visa free shanghai, 72 hour visa china and 24 hours visa china. We will go deep into how to get a Chinese visa, the Chinese visa application what its like a shanghai airport and how I got to china on Air china, air china airlines 101 GIFT IDEAS FOR TRAVELLERS 🤍 You must have a valid passport from one of the below countries – • 24 Schengen countries in Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland); • 15 other European countries (Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, UK, and Ukraine); • Six countries in North and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, and US); • Two Oceanic countries (Australia and New Zealand); and • Six Asian countries (Brunei, Japan, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, and UAE). HOW I AUTOMATE MY IG & PINTEREST Tailwind 🤍 WHERE I BOOK MY TRAVEL (recommended) Hotels Combined 🤍 Klook 🤍 Sky Scanner 🤍 Viator 🤍 Trip - 🤍 EQUIPTMENT I USE (and love) Camera 🤍 Drone 🤍 Lens 🤍 Tripod 🤍 Microphone 🤍 Video Camera 🤍 FREE RESOURCES To go 🤍 and scroll to the bottom and download our free guides! 1. BANNED HASHTAG LIST (MUST HAVE) 2. INSTAGRAM MONTHLY PLANNER 3. INSTAGRAM POST CHECKLIST! GET SOCIAL WITH US Website - 🤍 Instagram – 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Pinterest - 🤍 LET’S WORK TOGETHER hello🤍

Free Tibet china out to Tibet now!


Tibetan Uprising Day, observed on March 10, commemorates the 1959 Tibetan uprising against the presence of the People's Republic of China in Tibet. The failure of the armed rebellion ultimately resulted in a violent crackdown on Tibetan independence movements, and the flight of the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso into exile.

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